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about us

Male Eclectus Parrots

Male Eclectus Parrots

 Hi my name is Kenneth Morgan but my friends call me Ken this is what I like.
 I started with Budgereigars when I was a child going to school,I retired 8 years ago and now have 170 parrots.         This website was built to try to help other like minded people who are just starting  out and are looking for information   about parrots and their needs.

    I breed and hand rear the young birds for pets so I am fairly busy most days looking after the flock.
I live in Queensland Australia and have a few  different kinds of parrots Burke parrots and Turquoisine parrots are the smallest
Cockatiels,Sun Conures,Quakers green and blue,Indian Ringneks all colours Princess parrots green and blue and Eclectus parrots. I now have a blue and gold Macaw named Macca.
I do have a wife and children. the children have all grown up and have left home and have a family off their own.
my wife Marilyn helps looking after the birds,She enjoys them as much as I do.
You most likely find it hard to believe but we live with the parrots and have up to 30 birds in our house almost all of the time yes it dose get a little noisy at times.

Learnt every thing I know about parrots at the school of hard knocks so I built this website so as I may be
able to help other people who are interested in having a parrot as a pet or breeding them and doing what I do.

There are no parrots for sale on this site as this is not what I am trying to achieve.
Please enter the site and have a look around make yourself at home and don’t be frightened to leave a comment.