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The African Grey Parrot.

The African Grey Parrots Intelligence These intelligent, gentle birds create good pets and therefore are perfect for a household having kept birds before or are capable of understand their capabilities. Additionally it is vital that you provide your pet parrot stimulating surroundings. The pet owner also needs to have patience and should give the parrot […]

Parrots diseases and humans.

parrot diseases transmitted to humans You will find there are human lung diseases directly related to chronic exposure to bird dander. They’re called Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and Extrinsic Alveolitis. The terminology for such diseases within the avian bird culture is termed pigeon breeder’s lung, bird breeder’s lung and bird fanciers lung. These diseases that effect the […]

Good nutrition and parrot diseases.

Good nutrition and parrot  diseases, good nutrition helps to keep your pet parrot healthy,but just like humans sometimes healthy parrots get sick and needs specialist care to help the bird recover. Furthermore in addition to fruits and grains, they can often eat insects and, quite often, even small critters for added protein.The majority of individuals […]

Grit and Parrots.

Grit for one’s parrot. I’ll reveal to you exactly what I’ve learnt from my personal experience. There’s lots written about whether parrots require grit or otherwise. I’ve read opinions some say it ought to be provided plus i have read that it’s harmful. Parrots, unlike softbills which can include canaries and finches, take off the […]

The Yellow headed Amazon

Generally, they do not develop feather picking problems the way many parrot species do, but they can if they are neglected, confined in small cages for long periods of time, and not stimulated with interaction and/or toys. Exotic parrots are another story. While threatened species are much more under considerable threat from habitat destruction, they […]