Grit and Parrots.

My Macaw.

My Macaw.

Grit for one’s parrot.
I’ll reveal to you exactly what I’ve learnt from my personal experience.
There’s lots written about whether parrots require grit or otherwise. I’ve read opinions some say it ought to be provided plus i have read that it’s harmful. Parrots, unlike softbills which can include canaries and finches, take off the husk from their seeds and consume only the nutritious kernel inside.

I’ve never seen the large or medium parrot eat grit. Within the wild, no scientists have seen large parrots eating sand or small gravel. Large parrots have most certainly been seen, in captivity at my residence eating mineral blocks but not grit.
I’ve never witnessed a large or medium parrot eating grit. A few small parrots do eat grit occasionally. Others tend to ignore it. Therefore, it seems like it isn’t an essential for survival, but a few small birds like budgies do consume small quantities of grit.

As there is no proven requirement for grit within the parrot’s diet, the choice . In the event you have a small parrot say for example a cockatiel¬†or budgie and they do eat grit, there isn’t any reason to not give them the ability to access grit. However, unlike some sources state, grit is not needed for small parrots to process food.

So, if by chance your bird likes to play in grit and eats a small amount, there isn’t any really need to worry. If, however, you don’t provide grit, there isn’t any reason to believe your bird will tend to be any less healthy because of this.¬†Personally I do not give my parrots grit and I have parrots ranging in size from macaw down to budgies I would have approximately have 200 parrots at the minute and have never had problems because of the lack of grit.

I do provide mineral blocks for them I make them my self they concist of a little iodin,cuttlefish,carbon,and ground up shell fish shell and vitamin all held together with casting plaster they all have access to grain and vegetables and fruit every day.

I do have quail in with the parrots they eat some small grit,quails are soft bills they are their to keep small vermin such as beetles and fly in check they eat them.