Heavy metal poisoning in parrots.

Unfortunately heavy metals can cause poisoning if it is ingested and it is often seen in captive parrots. And despite how safe we happen to be, you’ll find your parrot is still able to get sick from metal poisoning by swallowing or chewing something they shouldent . You should be aware that this can be happening and be aware of where metals are situated around our house.

Zinc poisoning causes depression, pour appetite,also dark green droppings and in some cases vomiting.Most wire mesh that people use when building homes for their parrots is coated with zinc and may cause poisoning if the parrots chew it.

Part of my bird aviary

Part of my bird aviary

Led poisoning causes vomiting and blood in droppings, it’s heavy metal poisoning in parrots that are in captivity.

Copper causes poisoning also depression and vomiting.

Corrosion resistant stainless steel and pure gold are the only known metals safe around birds.
A frequent query is,is gold and silver jewellery safe? pure Gold is, But made up Jewellery may cause poisoning as both gold and silver can consists of different metals, including copper and also other unsafe metals. Jewellery silver and Gold can have these materials added to them . The main concern with birds chewing jewellery is that bits may break off and the birds swallowing them,if this hapens health problems can eventuate. Even if your parrot hasn’t carried this out, believe me it can happen, This is one thing you must remember before letting your bird chew or nibble your Jewellery.

Metal most likely can be treated if detected early enough if the bird has only ingested a very small amount but I suggest that at the first sign of poisoning to contact a vet.