The Yellow headed Amazon

Yellow-headed Amazon (also known as the Yellow...

Yellow-headed Amazon (also known as the Yellow-headed parrot and the Double Yellow-headed Amazon) at Vancouver Aquarium, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Generally, they do not develop feather picking problems the way many parrot species do, but they can if they are neglected, confined in small cages for long periods of time, and not stimulated with interaction and/or toys.

Exotic parrots are another story. While threatened species are much more under considerable threat from habitat destruction, they can also be impacted from illegal collection for the pet trade. This is easily resolved by buying a captive bred bird. If we eliminated the responsible captive bird trade, do you honestly think the criminals who are illegally catching them and those buying them would care? But guess what? parrots are one of the few exotic pet species that AREN’T being threatened with bans. So that point is moot.

The Yellow- Headed Amazon, also called the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon parrot is now an endangered species of Mexico and Northern Central America.This parrot is very beautiful and colorful, it has a short tail and green in color with a yellow head. The Amazon parrot prefers to live in thick forests or forests near rivers or any kind of water.This bird is a very popular pet and is an excellent talker. The scientific name is Amazona oratrix.The amazon parrots are quite large, about 16 inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers.And their average lifespan is 60 plus years.They make wonderful affectionate pets when they are handfed and raised from a young age.They have incredible speech abilities and can imitate their owners. And they love to be the center of attention.The amazon parrots go through such stages of hormonal behavior, for this reason, they are recommended for the experienced bird owners. They may go through a hormonal bluffing stage as they reach sexual maturity, this means biting and lunging, being very aggressive . No one knows exactly why they go through this, but many think it is due to hormonal change. The best way to deal with the bird is to just go about your daily routine and ignore his bad behavior.He may scream and curse you in parrot language, but remember to never scream at him, screaming only gets him riled up and he will keep going with his bad behavior. Never slap at him as this can be dangerous to him or you if he bites. Just be patient and keep in mind that this stage will soon pass. This stage can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. Then he will be back to his loving, sweet self again. In color, they are mostly dark green, they have bright yellow feathers on their head and faces, they have red and yellow colors on the front edge of their wings, and tan colored beaks, I have seen some with violet purple feathers on the tips of the their wings.. They eat high quality pellet mix and daily servings of bird safe fruits and vegetables.Never give them anything with salt. They love peanuts, but only give them the unsalted kind.They also like oats, these are great healthy snacks for them.Parrots really love carrots, spinach,grapes. These parrots need room to exercise everyday as they do gain weight.If you have an amazon parrot, you should be letting him outside of the cage for exercise 3-4 hours per day. This will allow him to stretch his muscles and also helps his mental stimulation.It is best to make sure they have parrot toys inside their cage, this way they will not get bored, they always like to be doing something, There are many parrot toys to buy,ladders for the parrot to climb up and down, a swing to swing on, then there are such parrot toys made of colored wooden blocks.These are the most intelligent and charming birds, making them the most popular pet birds.The Double Yellow- Headed Amazon loves social interaction. If they are neglected, they have a very destructive behavior which results in biting,screaming, and plucking out their feathers.You should make time each day to spend with your bird, he will love you for it, and he loves attention. Set a bowl in the bottom of the cage and watch him bathe, this is also a fun way of watching him exercise, if you have a spray bottle, put luke warm water in it and gently spritz him with the water.he will love this and it gives you and him together time. The parrot also loves to learn new words, he spends alot of time trying to mimic people especially his owner, you may not think he is listening to you, but believe me he is listening to everything you say.These Amazon Parrots are very beautiful, it is a shame that they are on the endangered species list.This is because so many people in the South American countries would go out and find their nest and then take the eggs or the baby birds, then they would sell them to people or to pet shops.But when people do get the Amazon parrot, they don’t read the care it takes for them nor the time it takes to be with them.These birds need their cage cleaned out often. When they are left alone in a cage all the time, they become very angry and will bite and pluck their feathers out.Then the owners can no longer control their birds or can’t do anything with them.So they will give them away to anyone, with no experience or give them to the bird rescue center. Some just turn them loose outside to fend for themselves. But by then the bird doesn’t know how to take care of itself. This is the problem with wild animals, people want them and never think about the dangers to themselves or to the animal. Always remember, if you are going to get an animal of any kind, whether it be a dog, cat, bird or even fish. You must read up on the care and time needed for these animals.The Double Yellow- Headed Amazon parrot can be a fun bird to have if taken care of properly .One day you may hear your bird just out of the blue say a new word. These birds love to have the television or radio on, they really like music.Max, the Amazon parrot in the pictures above, loves to laugh like Spongebob. And when he hears music he loves to dance.These parrots are fun to have, they may pick up barking like a dog, meowing like a cat ,any animal noise that they hear.But beware, if you give them food from the table or feed them anything other than their bird food. They get very use to that and always want you to feed them, If you don’t, they will scream very loud and they will keep screaming until you give them what they want.You can give them an occasional treat, but don’t feed them all the time.When the parrots scream, you will give in before they will,The parrot can go on and on screaming.The Amazon parrots are very nice birds to have but before you get one, make sure you can give it all the attention it needs. And they need lots of attention.

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